Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What is Storybook Circus?

The circus has come to Carolwood Park and has brought with it, updated versions of some old favorites and completely new attractions.

Storybook Circus is a place where classic movies, like Dumbo, meet classic cartoon shorts' characters, like the Fab Five in a setting taken out of the life of Walt Disney himself.

Carolwood was the name of the miniature railroad that Walt had set up in his backyard.  Carolwood Park is now buzzing with excitement after the arrival of Casey Jr. and his passengers.

The most well known of his passengers, and the main act found under the tent is, of course, Dumbo the Flying Elephant.

Next, we meet the Great Goofini, who has invited us to be a part of his next stunt.

Casey Jr. is calling the kids over to cool off and Pete has his side show up and running so you can meet some new (or old) friends.

As someone who was underwhelmed by Toontown Fair, I cannot wait to go down and experience Storybook Circus.

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