Thursday, July 12, 2012

Characters Welcome: Donald Duck

I just finished reading a collection of old Donald Duck comics and it served as a reminder of why he is one of my favorite characters.

Of the Fab Five, he is easily my favorite.  Minnie is a girl, Pluto is a pet, Goofy is okay and, let's be honest, Mickey has zero personality these days.

I like what they did with Goofy in the 90's with Goof Troop and A Goofy Movie but I've always been drawn back to the duck.

Like I said, between Mickey and Donald, Donald actually has a personality.  Mickey has become a caricature of what he once was, and maybe Donald has to in some ways, but he still retains what made him Donald - namely his temper and his rivalry with Mickey.

I think my love of Donald also stems from my love for the Disney Ducks in general as well.  Ducktales and Darkwing Duck were huge parts of my childhood, more so than any other of the aforementioned characters (I liked Goof Troop, but I like Ducktales and Darkwing a lot more).

As I've become more interested in both comic book history and Disney history, Donald has continued to grow my affections thanks to Carl Barks who wrote many of the famous duck comic stories.  In fact, he is the creator of Scrooge McDuck.

Who is your favorite Fab Five character?

Donald in the parks, through the years

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