Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WDW Trip Report 2 or I Got Lost At Disney World

And not in a "It's so magical, I lose myself" kind of way.  More like "I don't know how to get out of here" lost.

Here's the thing: I know my way around the parks.  I don't usually need a map in order to get around.  Once I'm outside the parks though, it's a completely different story.  I have to follow the signs, but I am determined to figure out my way around - especially my way out of the resort.

I'm beginning to learn a few things.  First, I don't always have to head towards I-4.  In fact, where we are staying is not near I-4 at all.  Now that I know this, I've been better able to find my way out.  And paying closer attention to the roads themselves, instead of just looking for signs has been helpful as well.

Also, TomTom has been useful (most of the time).

Do you know your way around the Disney property?

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