Monday, June 4, 2012


Three things that I love:

1) Disney
2) Thrill Rides
3) Dinosaurs

Put them together and you've got one of my favorite rides in all of Disney World.

To say that this ride is based on the movie of the same name is a bit of misnomer.  The ride came first and was originally called "Countdown to Extinction."  But, because of the inclusion of the Iguanadon, Carnator and the impending asteroid collision in both the movie and the ride, they decided to rename the ride after the movie.

The story is that you've come the the Dino Institute for a tour, but one of the employees (Grant Seeker, get it?) has other plans for you.  He recruits you to go back in time and retrieve an Iguanadon to bring back to the present.

You jump in your Time Rover and, though not as classy as a Delorean, you head back in time to the very end of the Cretaceous Period.  As we learned from a certain other famous Dino-story, chaos has a way of getting the better of you.  Between the unknown terrain, the predator that is on your tail and the impending collision, your ride is anything but smooth.  But, oh, is it fun!

This is a ride that I rarely miss and if you've got a thrill junkie in your house, this is ride for them as well.

Fun Fact:  In queue line, if you look up at one point, you'll see red, white and yellow pipes running across the ceiling.  Each pipe has a different chemical formula - on the red is the formula for ketchup, the yellow is mustard and the white is, of course, mayonnaise. This is a fun nod to the ride's original sponsor - McDonald's.

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