Friday, May 18, 2012

Top 10 Thrill Rides

I'm starting a new, on-going series today listing my top 10's at WDW.

Since the Disney Mountains have been on my mind recently and because I love thrill rides, I decided to start with my Top 10 Thrill Rides (in no particular order):

1) Expedition Everest
~ This is one of my favorite rides in all of the World
2) Tower of Terror
~ As if a drop tower ride isn't thrilling enough, Disney decided to set it inside of a haunted hotel
3) Rockin' Roller Coaster
~ Probably the most thrilling ride in the Parks, based on speed and adrenaline alone
4) Dinosaur!
~ Another of my all time favorite rides, especially because I've had an interest in dinosaurs since I was young
5) Space Mountain
~ I bet, if this ride were lit up, it wouldn't be nearly as thrilling, but in the dark, thrills abound
6) Thunder Mountain
~ This is the epitome of a classic thrill.  Nothing hair-raising, but thrilling none-the-less
7) Misson: Space
~ To be honest, I've never experienced the intensity that other people claim to feel, but I still enjoy it
8) Star Tours
~ I love the new Star Tours, especially the fact that this ride changes every time you ride it.
9) Kali River Rapids
~ This is your standard "get soaked" ride but the rapids do bring some fun thrills to the ride.
10) Primeval Whirl
~ A roller coaster with a new twist, literally.  Again, not hair-raising, but still a lot of fun.

Honorable mentions:
~ Splash Mountain
I love this ride, but really, the only thrill is the drop at the end, the rest of the ride is rather tame and relaxing.
~ Stitch's Great Escape
Maybe this isn't thrilling to you, but to your younger kids, it might be
~ Test Track
I wanted to put this on the list, but since it's closed for refurbishment and since I clearly haven't ridden the updated ride, I couldn't justify it.

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