Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Finding The Magic At Home - Online Radio

There are many things that Disney is known for and one of them is memorable music.  Music has always played an important role in Disney's storytelling, from the movies to the theme parks (even video games).

I love Disney movie soundtracks, but there is something about the theme parks music that is just a little bit more magical.  I think it's the fact that I can't experience it whenever I want to.  If I want to listen to the Aladdin soundtrack, I could listen to the CD, but I could also watch the movie.  I can't own the Flying Carpets of Aladdin (though that would be awesome!).

Disney has realized this untapped market over the past few years and has finally begun releasing CDs of their theme park music.  A quick glance at the Disney store online shows about seven that are related to the parks (five are in a box set, the others are part of a 2-disc collection).  These don't include some of the ones that you can get in the park like the Finding Nemo: The Musical soundtrack and the Fantasmic! soundtrack.

But the CDs are for another post.  This post is about online radio.  Places like Sorcerer Radio and MouseWorld Radio play not only those songs that get stuck in your head (I'm looking at you "it's a small world") but also the background music that you hear as you wander the parks.

I really enjoy listening the online radio stations, especially if I want music, but not lyrics.  When I listen, I can picture the places in the World and remember different trips and stories.

Do you listen to the online radio stations? What is your favorite music from the parks?

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