Monday, April 9, 2012

Street Performers

I was watching a Disney World special on The Travel Channel one day where they followed a family around the parks throughout the day.

One morning at the Magic Kingdom they were stopped by some of the citizens of Main St. There's many of them walking around - from a singing quartet to the mayor himself.

My first thought was, "I would be so anxious if we got stopped by these guys. If we don't get to Splash Mountain now, we'll have to wait, like, four hours in line to ride it. Move along people."

But, as I thought about it more, I realized that these characters are an attraction in and of themselves and an experience not worth rushing past.

In reality, Splash Mountain will be open all day long and there are other ways and times you can ride it without waiting that long.

Yes, there is a huge castle at the end of Main St. pulling us towards it as if it had some magnetic ability, but I want to learn not to hurry so much. It is a vacation after all, and who knows what memories I could be missing out on by rushing from ride to ride.

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