Friday, April 6, 2012

On Souvenirs

Let's be honest, souvenirs can be a huge budget breaker. There is so much to choose from and, honestly, a lot of it is not that impressive or cheap.

One of the souvenirs that I have collected for years is the squashed penny (also quarters, dimes, I'm not picky). For .51 cents you can get a penny that has been pressed, elongated and imprinted with a design.

My dad has never been a big fan of them, I guess because they seem not very impressive. In his words, "Give me two quarters and a penny and I'll give you your penny back." My response has always been, "If you can do what those machines do with my penny, then sure, you can have two quarters."

I have over a hundred pennies from all over the country that I've been collecting for at least 15 years. That's just over $50 that I've spent on these souvenirs. So, instead of spending $5o per trip, I've spent that much since I was 10 years old. Which is another positive aspect to this particular collection - kids can afford it, literally, out of their pocket.

Part of the fun in collecting them is the hunt for penny machines, but if you want a general list of where they can be found at WDW you can check here and here.

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