Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Movie Review: Chimpanzee

My wife and I have made it a tradition the past few years of going to see the new Disneynature movie during opening week since Earth came out in 2009.

Overall, we really enjoy the series, but Chimpanzee is by far the best one to date.

The cinematography is beautiful (I could watch the shots of lightning all day) as is the music.  And Tim Allen is the best narrator that I've heard from this series (and I love James Earl Jones).  I enjoyed his commentary and the fact that he wasn't dry - his humor came through but he wasn't silly (and his reference to his Tool Time days was great).

What I find most intriguing about the movie is the story itself.  I realize that the movie was edited and crafted in ways to make certain points and make the story flow, but at it's core, this is not a story Disney made up.  They happened upon it, by accident.  They didn't know when they first started keeping tabs on this group of chimps that a unique bond between Oscar and Freddie would develop.

The story of the leader (in this case, the alpha male) adopting the outcast orphan is a story written by the original storyteller and it is played out beautifully on screen.

If you haven't seen it yet, check it out before the week is up.  During opening week some of the proceeds go towards the Jane Goodall Foundation.

How can this movie get you excited about going to the Disney Parks?  When I think about the Disneynature movies, I think of Animal Kingdom.  Rafiki's Planet Watch and the Africa land would be great places to bring Chimpanzee in.

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