Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Game Review: Animal Kingdom Explorers

Disney has had a rough time in the video game industry. With a few notable exceptions (the Kingdom Hearts series, Epic Mickey and Where's My Water? for example) they tend to miss the mark.

Recently, Disney released a new game on Facebook called Animal Kingdom Explorers. The point of the game is to build your own wildlife reserve, complete with your own Tree of Life. In order to get the funds and experience needed to build your reserve, you have to find and re-find hidden objects in different scenes.

I really want to like this game, but I find myself quickly bored and not fully buying into it.

I enjoy building my own reserve. It reminds me of Roller Coaster Tycoon, a favorite game of mine as a kid. There are also several references to DAK, which I also enjoy finding.

The problem comes from the slow pace of the game. Earning money and experience either require you to wait while you, in essence, recharge or, you can pay Facebook to recharge you quicker.

I refuse to do the latter and the former takes too long that I get bored too quickly.

Overall, it's a good place for Disney to start with this type of video game, but there is definite room for improvement.

Have you played Animal Kingdom Explorers? What do you think?


  1. I have played Disney Animal Kingdom and currently have done all scenes available...there are no longer any goals except to get the final 5th leave in a few takes forever to buy more land...I have already expanded my park quite a bit but with no is hard to get to a new expansion, therefore I can not get any new animals...I have all habitats done...just totally running out of interest quickly with a game that was created just recently...

  2. Sounds like you spent a lot of time playing DAK Explorers. It also sounds like you and I are on the same page.

    It's interesting for a while, but not nearly for long enough.

    ~Chris (Dtourist)