Saturday, March 10, 2012

Where I've Been plus a Review of John Carter

My wife and I have taken a short break from blogging while we focus on unpacking our stuff from our recent move. Hopefully we will be back online in a week or so, but I wanted to give everyone an update.

I also wanted to share my thoughts on the movie John Carter. Let's be honest, based on what we saw leading up to the movie, we were promised another generic Sci-Fi movie. Nothing in the promotional material (trailers, posters, etc...) let us in on what was actually taking place - both on and off screen.

Off screen - Don't let anyone tell you that John Carter is ripping off popular Sci-Fi franchises like Star Wars or Avatar. John Carter is based on a series of novels written in the early nineteen hundreds and is considered the grandfather of Sci-Fi. If anything, these popular franchises are ripping off John Carter.
*Fun Fact: 2012 actually marks the 100th anniversary of when the first John Carter story was published.

On screen - First of all, the movie is beautiful. The settings and characters wonderfully created. I'm not a music person so I can't speak to that aspect except to say that it never distracts from what's happening on screen. The characters are intriguing. They have found a happy medium between being overly complex and simple archetypes.

The story is very well developed. Any time I sit through a movie and don't look at my watch at some point I count as a success. I won't give anything a way, but the twist at the end was well done.

Disney dropped the ball when getting the word out on the movie, but if it fails at the box office, it won't be because it is a bad movie.

Hopefully, I be back blogging soon, but until then, go see John Carter and tell me what you think.

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