Friday, February 10, 2012

It's All In The Details - Cinderella's Fountain

There is a magical moment in Fantasyland that can be easily missed.

As you pass through the castle from Main St. and emerge into Fantasyland you will see a water fountain right in front of a statue of Cinderella.

It's a hot day in Florida so go on over and refresh yourself. As you meander over, notice the decorations on the wall behind Cindy. Do you see the crown floating over her head?

As you are bending over ("bowing down" in front of the princess) to get your drink, look up again. The crown is now on Cinderella's head!

*Fun Fact* - It may be hard to get your kids to see this trick as they are already on the level to see the crowned princess. They don't need to "bow down" because, of course, children don't have to bow down to royalty.

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