Monday, January 9, 2012

Why You Won't See Touring Plans on this Blog

I have no issues with touring plans or guide books. I used an Unofficial Guide to help plan our honeymoon. But you won’t see me posting them on here. I’m not going to tell you the best way to “do Disney World” because, to be honest, there isn’t one.

I can’t plan out your vacation because I don’t know you or your situation. I can tell you that you absolutely have to ride the Dumbo ride because it’s a Disney classic but if you don’t have young kids and/or have no desire to stand in line for what is the epitome of a kiddie ride, why should you listen to me. Besides, it’s closed right now anyway, so it can be moved from Fantasyland into Storybook Circus. Which actually brings me to the other reason I won’t do touring guides.

Theme parks, by nature, are fluid. The Disney World of my childhood is not the same Disney World of today. On my first trip to WDW, Animal Kingdom wasn’t there, the closest thing to a thrill ride that Epcot had was the Maelstrom, Hollywood Studios went by MGM Studios (and didn’t have Rockin’ Roller Coaster or Fantasmic!), the Enchanted Tiki Room was under new management and the Pirates of the Caribbean was Jack Sparrowless just to name a few examples.

If I were to give you a touring plan, it would be obsolete within a year or two. I prefer to focus on the more timeless aspects of the parks.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t talk about and review certain rides, even ones that no longer exist. To me, that’s about history and should be preserved.

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