Monday, January 16, 2012

Movies to Watch - Main St., U.S.A.

I wrote a series of blogs for about using Disney movies to prepare kids for their trip to the parks. I wanted to use this blog to expand on that idea with specific movies and cartoons.

First up, Main Street:

Animated movies:

The Lady and the Tramp - Tony's Restaurant on Main St. is straight from the movie - complete with Lady and the Tramp having their candle lit dinner in the back (Also, be sure to check out where they left their marks on the cement).

Cartoon shorts:

This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself and/or your kids to classic Disney cartoons

Casey at the Bat

Casey Bats AgainLink

Casey's Corner at the corner of Main St. and the Hub has its roots in these cartoons. You can also watch other Disney sports cartoons (many starring Goofy) in the restaurant as well.

Magician Mickey - Mickey and Minnie have a new meet and greet area at the front of Main St. themed around magic. I haven't been there yet, but the idea conjured up this cartoon that I enjoyed from my childhood

Presto - Another magic related cartoon. The lack of Mickey in this cartoon makes this only indirectly related to the meet and greet area, but it's such a great cartoon that I had to add it to the list any way. (I tried to find the video on Youtube, but came up with nothing. Check out the DVD or Blu-ray of Wall-E to see this short).

Non-Disney related:

Hello Dolly - set in the same time period as Main Street, this isn't a Disney movie, but my wife recommends it non-the-less (though there is a connection to Wall-E).

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