Friday, January 6, 2012

Best. Night. Ever. or The Real "Epic Mickey"

After our honeymoon, the next opportunity we had to go down to Orlando was with some married friends of ours. The wife used to be a Cast Member and she had some perks that she wanted to cash in on before she lost them.

We spent two days down there. The first day was spent at Disney Quest and the second day we park hopped. We started at Animal Kingdom, moved to Epcot (where we raced through the World Showcase in order to get some food). Our goal for the evening was to watch the early showing of Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios because the husband had never seen it and then jump over to Magic Kingdom for the Spectromagic parade because it got rained out during our honeymoon and my wife wasn’t able to see it (the wife and myself were Disney nuts from way back so there is very little that we haven't experienced).

Our plan was to sit in the back towards the exit of Fantasmic so we wouldn’t get caught in the crowd at the end. Unfortunately, we got to the park too late and we would have ended up sitting as far away from the exit as possible.

Instead we opted to wait for the later show and still try our hand at making it to the parade. We jumped on Rockin’ Roller Coaster while we waited. After that, we went back to the stadium and grabbed seats in the back, exactly where we wanted to be. Fantasmic was great, just like always and as soon as it was over, we jumped up and sped walked out of the park.

We had a little trouble locating our car, but once we did, we hit the streets of Disney like crazy people. I was driving and there were points where my wife had her entire upper body out of the window trying to look past the trucks in front of us to see the road signs telling us where to go. Did I mention that this was all at night?

We got to the Ticket and Transportation Center and ran up to the monorail. We took a short breather on the ride over but as soon as the doors opened we were off again! We ran up to the main entrance. As we past under the train station we saw the perfect spot to watch the parade right in front of us. As soon as we got to the spot, literally as soon as we stopped moving, the lights on Main St. went out and the parade started.

It was awesome.

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